Another great mix of food at the market this week, plus live printing with Punam’s printing blocks, and an outdoor Pizza Boys Café. We welcome Tuga Patries to their first market this week, selling Portugeuse custard tarts, plus Linden Chocolate with an amazing range of micro-batch chocolates. Oxford Poetry Library are back and Jason’s will have a selection of second hand books. See you on Saturday!


The Clays Organic Market Garden - seasonal, fresh, local organic fruit & veg
Willowbrook Farm - free range chicken, lamb, beef, organic eggs & local honey
Crudges Cheese - range of cheeses hand made by ethical & sustainable cheese makers known personally to award winning Crudges
Jericho Coffee Traders - premium coffee roasted in Jericho & served from a vivid turquoise tuk-tuk
Oxford Poetry Library - Books, magazines, pamphlets written and/or produced by local writers


SESI Food & Detergent Filling Station - refilling empty containers for fairtrade, organic dried foods; household detergents & hair-care products
North Aston Dairy - local organic milk, yoghurt, cream & ice cream, plus organic rose veal & old cow beef
Natural Bread - handcrafted speciality breads
Mediterranean - lovely falafel, houmous, snacks & sweet treats
Salad Daze - healthy salads to take away
Blissful Italian - freshly made Italian foods & sweet treats
Tuga Pastries - Portugeuse custart tarts baked using more than 80% local ingredients including free range eggs, organic milk & local flour
Linden Chocolate Lab - a micro-batch chocolate company based in Oxford, their chocolate is passionately crafted to deliver a rich & unique taste profile fused with health benefits & only a small amount of sugar
Hand carved wooden printing blocks from Punam - printing with hand carved wooden blocks
Jason's Book Box - second hand books

Market Café: The Pizza Boys Bicester

Market News

Every Saturday we have a Market Manager to ensure the market runs smoothly. If you’re interested in a small paid post, rotated with other people, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.