It’s a packed lockdown market this Saturday with a fabulous selection of fresh, local food, including veg, fruit, meat, chicken, charcuterie, eggs, olive oil, apple juice, cheese, butter, milk, chilli sauces, conserves, pies, cakes, Mediterranean and Indian takeaways, and our lovely dutch-themed takeaway café.

… and don’t forget to order from SESI by midnight tonight for collection at the market…

SESI Refill lockdown arrangements

1. Place your order online here 👉 SESI Food and Household

2. Collect at East Oxford Farmers Market 10am-1pm

3. Prepay your detergents, hair and skin care products. Remember your empty bottles! The dried food is packed in paper bags but you’ll need to bring shopping bags.

4. Refunds will be done by bank transfer. No sales off the van, pick up only. Shop opens Saturdays at 1pm and closes at midnight Thursdays.

Any questions, ask at the SESI stall. Many thanks from SESI.