Organic free range eggs, chicken, beef and lamb (at Christmas also duck, goose and turkey).

Willowbrook is a family run farm nestled in the environmentally sensitive Cherwell Valley flood plain, close to Oxford.  Our land is farmed without the use of chemicals and we are committed to the environmental sustainability and natural biodiversity of the land.  We are also committed to producing and sourcing top quality local foods for our customers.

Willowbrook CollageWillowbrook Farm was planted in the hearts and minds of Ruby and Lutfi in1992 when Lutfi spent a year working in sunny Sudan. There he inspected farms as the sun beat down on his head and scorched the land! It was there in the sweltering savannah the couple dreamed of the snow laden hills of Bonny Blighty. Reading every Herriet book that her mother-in-law had given her, Ruby dreamed of lambing and calving and all the other cold outdoor farm activities of which she knew nothing, having grown up in North London!

Living amongst scorpions, snakes and a monkey or two, they dreamed of coming home to cold dark Oxford. Beatrix Potter's ideal farm became their ultimate dream. 

A year later they were back in Oxford with their three children. They had all but forgotten their dreams. Lutfi continued to work abroad in various far flung environments from Senegal to South Africa but now had the security of a lecturing post at Oxford's School of Geography. However by 2000 having had enough of being a lecturer he felt a new challenge was needed. So the seed of living closer to nature again took their minds. In 2002 they bought a 45 acre plot in Hampton Gay and so grew Willowbrook.

Because we started from such bright ideals, we've always put the quality and happiness of our livestock before profit. We believe in making our farm a beautiful, healthy diverse environment for all animals to enjoy, not just humans!

Since we started the farm in 2002 we have diversified from producing organic eggs, to providing our customers with chicken, lamb, beef and other quality produce such as Palestinian Zaytoun produce and honey from local producers. We have gone from two empty fields to two fields absolutely full of hundreds of varieties of trees, animals and nature. We dredged out the pond in 2002 to create a sustainable welcoming environment for waterfowl and other riverside wildlife. We use solar panels and wind energy and we are have built our farm house and boiler room entirely out of natural, sustainable cob material (adobe or mud brick), and there will be many more conservation and eco-projects in the future!

Our livestock is free range, healthy and fed on quality non-GM feed. We rear all our animals naturally and without chemicals and when needed we source from local farms with the same ideals and practices as us, choosing the best looking, healthiest animals to supplement our own stock. Whether you're interested in buying quality reared food, or joining in our many activities and events, or if you'd just like to enjoy a cuppa in the gorgeous Oxfordshire countryside, there will be something for you at Willowbrook!