The Clays Organic Farm - seasonal, fresh, local organic fruit and veg
Willowbrook Organic Farm - organic chicken & lamb, organic eggs, free range beef, local honey and more
Crudges Cheese - award-winning local organic cheeses made using goat, sheep and cows' milk
Coopers Oxford Pork - selection of local free-range pork, sausages and bacon - and sausage rolls!
Jaunty Shopper - ethical home ware, fair trade teas and coffees
Tiddly Pommes - Superb pressed apple juice


Natural Bread Company - handcrafted speciality breads
North Aston Dairy - organic local milk, cream and welfare-friendly rose veal
SESI Food Refilling Station - fairtrade, organic and local dried foods, e.g. fruit, sugar, oats, pulses and rice
SESI Household Refilling Station - refill empty bottles of hair-care products and household detergents
Mediterranean - freshly made snacks and take away foods
Raffaele Pepe - home made Italian take away foods and treats
Ellie's Kitchen - Greek savoury and sweet pies: authentically traditional, home made and delicious
Taste of Poland - traditional homemade preserves and snacks 
Brynmoor Conserves - award-winning jams, conserves and chutneys
Chocsford - handcrafted fair trade chocolates
Make. Do. Mend. - all your sewing alterations, repairs and commissions
Threads & Stitches - handmade cushions, bags, purses and bunting
Salvation for Hands -  Salves and oil made with East Anglian oats for dry, sensitised skin

Simply Foods Market Café

Tea and Coffee
Baguette Sandwich (Meat and Veggie)
Spinach Brownies
Spinach & Feta Cheese Roll
Chicken Mami Noodle Soup
Stir-fried Noodles with Spring Rolls (Meat and Veggie)
Empanada(s) with various fillings
Special Steamed Buns
Steamed Dumplings

As many of you will have noticed for the last few months we have been moving around the stalls at your favourite market like there is no tomorrow. You will no doubt be glad to hear we have now settled on a new layout. Here is a message from Rupert, maker of the much-loved Tiddly Pommes apple juice, and chair of the market:

I would like to thank you all very much indeed for bearing with us while we have tried a number of different approaches to the question of the layout of stalls at our market. We realise it has been unsettling for customers to keep changing things. As many of you will appreciate, the crowding problem in the hall had reached a point at which the committee could no longer ignore it. This is to let you know that we have recently made a decision on the question of layout in the light of the trials we had done and the feedback we had sought. We have decided to settle now with the veg outside, SESI in the corner of the hall, and the bread in its old place at the end of the hall next to the café, and we will fit the smaller stalls in around these. However, we recognise that we need to ensure the hall still has a 'buzz' and good footfall despite the veg being outside - to this end North Aston Dairy have agreed to be placed in the hall near to the back door. We hope that, combined with the bread stall, this will pull the majority of our customers indoors too but without the crowding problems that we saw previously. We are confident that when the new arrangements have bedded down it will end up being a better market experience for all of us. In the meantime you are very welcome to bring to us any concerns you may have if these changes make for difficulty. Thanks once again for your forbearance as we made these changes.

Within our new layout this week we have Threads & Stitches who has funky lampshades for kids and grown-ups in gorgeous modern print fabrics as well as handmade bags, purses and other smaller items that make perfect Mother's Day gifts. A new stall, Salvation for Hands, is calling all gardeners - Sarah sells a homemade hand salve and cosmetic oil for skin, hair and nails made from East Anglian grown oat oil and cosmetic grade beeswax. There is sadly no Pukeko coffee van this week due to a staff shortage but we do have the wonderful Rey and Jenny in the market café so make sure to grab a coffee and something to eat from them.