Bring your SMALL ELECTRICAL ITEMS to get repaired at this week's RESTART PARTY stall from Bicester Green.   


Sandy Lane Farm - seasonal, fresh, local organic fruit and veg
Willowbrook Organic Farm - organic chicken & lamb, organic eggs, free range beef, local honey and more
Crudges Cheese - award-winning local organic cheeses made using goat, sheep and cows' milk
Pukeko Coffee - premium coffee roasted in Jericho and served from a vivid turquoise tuk-tuk van


Natural Bread Company - handcrafted speciality breads
TBC - North Aston Dairy - organic local milk, cream and welfare-friendly rose veal
SESI Food Refilling Station - fairtrade, organic and local dried foods, e.g. fruit, sugar, oats, pulses and rice
SESI Household Refilling Station - refill empty bottles of hair-care products and household detergents
Mediterranean - freshly made snacks and take away foods
Simply Foods 2 Go - Filipino Fusion food
Raffaele Pepe
- home made Italian take away foods and treats
Plantation Chocolates - hand crafted chocolates
Taste of Poland - traditional homemade preserves and snacks
Shands Cakes - home made tasty cakes and treats
Once Bitten - quality baked artisan goods
Restart Party - fixing small electrical items

Hayley's Kitchen Café

This week's menu will include....
Coopers BLT, Eggs, Baked Beans, Haluumi, Kale Pesto, Edamame Hummus, Vegetable Chill & Guacamole. Chocolate brownies and Spiced Date & Nut Cake.

Do you have a broken blender or a tangled toaster? A cantankerous kettle or a defective drill? Our market has always been about more than food. Together we are trying to find more sustainable ways to live. So it is a real pleasure to be able to offer the opportunity this week to bring your small electrical items back to life. The wonderful folk of Bicester Green will be with us all morning and will repair your items on site. Please note - it is just small items they can fix - we don't want any washing machines turning up in wheelbarrows!

We are also delighted to welcome two new stalls to this week's market: Taste of Poland and Once Bitten. Beata's table of traditional Polish salads, dumplings, pickles and pancakes is a great new addition from a part of our community that is already woven into East Oxford's food culture through shops on the Cowley Rd. Once Bitten are our Featured Stall this week - read below to find out about how Jo Thompson came to produce her top notch baking.