Ancient wisdom inspired by Nature’s magic, qualified by modern science. Natural, handmade and pure.

We are based on Exmoor and make and sell a variety of products including unpasteurised birch sap, skin cosmetics, soaps and alcohol.

Priestlands Birch stall

Birch trees are tapped in March and we collect the leaves by hand from Spring to Sumer to make extracts and infusions for adding as ingredients to our cosmetics and alcohol.

Birch has some great health benefits and is very healing and conditioning for all skin types.

Our alcohol range of spirits, a dry vermouth and a sparkling sloe birch wine is brewed from scratch, sulphite free and delicious.
Priestlands Birch business ethos is based on sustainability, creating high quality products, raising awareness of the value of trees on wild land, their symbiotic interactions with flora and fauna and helping young people to find employment in a rural environment.Priestlands birch sap

We trade at markets, events and online.
Our inspiration came from Spring vegetable planting and a picnic under an apple tree with birch sap at a Ukrainian family dacha in the Poltava region.
Come and sample some of our products at East Oxford Farmers’ Market.