An independent Brewery south of Oxford founded by Alex Berryman in 2021.

The BMAN Brewery attitude is to keep it simple, keep it interesting, and make it taste nice.

Made locally and on a small artisanal scale, BMAN makes three delicious styles of Craft Beer.

BMAN Brewery photo 1 with logo

Bezzamanjaro – Mountain IPA 6%

Full of down to earth bitterness and juicy hop highs.

Bitter Buoy – West Coast IPA 5.5%

Goes all in on fruity hop bitterness

Wheat Wizard – Wheat Beer 6%

A Wheat Beer that conjures heady hops and fruity notes, in complete alchemical harmony.


Every Beer is made in the 30ft converted shipping container brewery and canned on site.

BMAN Brewery photo 1

Instagram: @bman_brewery