Coopers Oxford Pork started in 2008 with just 5 pigs; they now have a free range herd of 180 in woodlands owned by the Earth Trust.

They breed Oxford Sandy and Black - a pig which originated in Oxfordshire some 300 years ago and which very nearly became extinct 40 years ago. Today, to help ensure the breed's future it is on the Rare Breed Survival Trusts watch list.

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The pigs are traditionally reared in woodland owned by The Earth Trust, living outside in arks all year, the sow only coming into the barn to give birth. They move back outside with their litter after about 2 weeks for a further 6 weeks when they are weaned.


The pigs are fed on food that does not contain growth promoters, and is supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables from Coopers’ garden.

The pigs are not ringed so they can use their nose for its intended purpose, to root and forage in the woodland or to dig a wallow in the summer to help them stay cool as pigs can’t sweat.

As a rare breed the Oxford Sandy & Black are slow growing therefore they take longer to mature this in turn produces meat and bacon that is high quality and full of flavour.

Coopers also have a purpose built packing room where they pack and label the produce.

As well as supplying pork to markets, pub restaurants and cafes, they also provide hog roasts at food festivals and private functions such as weddings.Coopers Collage2

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