Bunny and Bear Designs is a colourful UK childrenswear brand promoting fun and inclusivity. Created by two mums, Rachel and Bethanie, for kids who like to express who they are through their clothes.

We want to address the limiting gendered styles, designs and colours available by offering bold creations through a variety of colours and fabrics which can be worn by any child. Each design is original to Bunny and Bear Designs and are handmade, by ourselves, in Oxford. We create a fabric template and sew directly onto an organic t-shirt using the freestyle applique technique which means each item is unique and handcrafted, promoting the idea that it's not about perfection or expectation, but about who you are or want to be.Bunny Bear Collage

We're devoted to creating clothing that doesn't pigeonhole children - our bold colours and unique designs are for kids to express themselves and their choices. We sew independence and sew imagination.