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Our world is changing. With every new app and social media, we are faced with more and more pressure on the way we look. We may know deep down that nobody shows their unfiltered selves or looks like their air-brushed photos - yet we somehow feel inadequate nonetheless. When all flaws feel magnified, even common skin conditions such as acne, feel taboo.

Soft and Sensational was created with real young people in mind. We don’t believe everyone can, or should, be forced to fit in society’s box about what is pretty. That said, we know there is power in finding our individual self-confidence - a process that can be
made easier through self-care, self-love and by ridding ourselves of insecurities caused by acne or dry skin.

All of our products are formulated to support and achieve our personal, natural beauty, and thereby never using the harsh chemicals often found in drug store “body care” products - and all of our products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free.

We believe silky, luxurious skin and hair can lead to becoming your best you. Let us progress together towards achieving our most beautiful, truly confident, best selves.