Beautiful, award winning, handcrafted gin made in rural Oxfordshire using only the finest botanics

OX2 Pink Gin

Chalgrove Gin is made using a neutral grain spirit which is 96% ABV (alcohol by volume) to create their Oxford Dry Gin. They then add the flavour using selected botanicals.

The base botanicals (including juniper berries and coriander) are added to the spirit to macerate for 24 hours, after which the additional botanicals are then added to the pot still and they then begin the distillation process.

After the distillation process is completed, the gin is then stored for 10 days to allow the flavours to fully blend.

In addition, although they filter their gin, they do not chill-filter which enables them to retain all of the flavours in their gin. Due to the retention of natural oils, the appearance of the gin in the bottle may look hazy. This may also be evident when you add the mix of your choice to the gin.