Community is at the heart of Vegdigins. Enlightening people to grow and use vegetables, herbs, flora and fruit to create tasty Caribbean fusion  low sodium  street food, condiments , drinks and healthy , naturally sweetened confectionery  is our main aim.

Vegdigins give food demos and run workshops in Oxfordshire.  The Caribbean due to Vegdigins’ history, is multicultural, and the sumptuous food reflects a wide array of cultural influences. Cuisines from Africa, Asia, America,Europe may sometimes embody single meals.

Vegdidins Collage

Vegdigins’ vegan food is a fusion of the world’s cultures. They also cater for staff away days, events, and private meals. They use only biodegradable takeaway utensils and containers for meals and sweets, and reusable bottles for sauces and drinks, and they strive to use local organically grown produce where they can, and grow as much as they can themselves. They use non GMO seeds and products.

Vegdigins offer reasonably priced street food, condiments , drinks, confectionery and seasonal produce, plus flora, herbs and fruits.  They like to mix things up and at each market they try to have new and different items for your enjoyment. You can taste the world in their Caribbean fusion vegan food!