A small range of wines sourced from producers using sustainable, organic, biodynamic or natural methods from around the world.

Vine Collage

After spending many years in the wine trade Leigh became increasingly disillusioned by the unsustainable methods and increasing commercialisation of the production methods used by large wine companies which led to him getting involved in the ‘Natural’ wine movement.

Natural wines are often made in very small quantities by traditional methods where the grape is respected above all, with no additives or processing aids in the cellar and minimum intervention. The vineyards are seen as part of the wider environment in an holistic nature with only homeopathic treatments used. They are often unfined or filtered so may be a little cloudy and usually have very little added sulphites (preservative) if any at all.

Leigh will be selling a small range of around a dozen wines at the market, all of which he knows well, and he hopes to share his passion for these wonderful wines.

Facebook and Instagram: @VineOxford