Chillies2U have a wide selection of chilli varieties all lovingly cultivated using organic methods on their small farm in Oxfordshire.

Weight for Weight a red chilli will provide 75 times more vitamin C than from an orange. Peppers also contain a small amount of vitamin E and are a useful source of Potassium and B vitamins.

Chilli's are an extremely versatile food that can add that extra spark to a normal every day dish. They can be chopped and added to pulses, root vegetables or added with garlic to a simple dish of pasta dressed with olive oil.Chillies Full Stall plus logo

Chopped chilli's, added to lime juice, olive oil and coriander make a wonderful marinade for many types of fish, or for a spicy stir fry add whole small hot chilli's for a short while during cooking and remove just before cooking is completed.

Chillies2U sell bottled sauces with names like Habanero Heatwave and Caribbean Hot. They also sell chilli olive oil and dried chillies.