Ethical, pure minimal intervention and natural Catalan wines with an emphasis on improving farm biodiversity.

We are Rachel and Rubén, a mother and son team with a love for Catalan wine and a passion for sharing it with the UK. Catalans take food and the quality of produce very seriously and wine is no exception. So we believe everybody should have access to real wine, made without pesticides in the vineyard and chemicals in a factory. We only stock wines which are sustainably and ethically produced, reflect the passion of the people who made them and are of course, utterly delicious.

Laltre Vi Collage

All our wines come from Catalonia in north-eastern Spain, where we currently work with ten small family growers/winemakers who are part of a movement to make organic winegrowing the norm in the region. Some of the vineyards belong to family friends and others are introductions - we all work together. Regular tasting visits mean we can change our selection as new wines are developed and make sure we best represent each winery in the UK.  Some wines are the result of biodynamic cultivation and many are natural - nothing added and nothing taken away. Even the most refined wines have been clarified using pea protein, so they are all suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Salut i vi! (Good wine and good health!)