Hand poured, eco-friendly soy wax candles decorated with botanicals and healing crystals.

Littlemore Candle Company was created in Oxfordshire in its small village of Littlemore. What started as a hobby in 2015, a labour of love and desire to produce handmade gifts for friends and family, soon evolved into a small business together with a true passion. Founder of Littlemore Candles, Molly Stevenson, made the decision to invest more time and care into the business and, with the close support of her Mum, Molly pursued her dream - to create and develop a brand of her own.Littlemore Candle Co stall

Using a small batch approach, each candle is hand poured using 100% soy wax. Soy wax, made from soya beans has a longer burn time, is cleaner and more sustainable than the commonly used petroleum based paraffin wax. Furthermore, wanting to adhere to a natural, plant based approach, Littlemore Candles uses essential oils providing eco-friendly, high quality candles each and every time for you to enjoy.

On a quest to create both eco-friendly and unique candles whilst capturing the natural origins of each scent, the decision was made to include a variety of botanicals in all candle ranges making every candle beautiful and one of a kind. Founder Molly, also had an appreciation for crystals and their spiritual healing properties. She therefore decided to include a healing crystal in her candles offering a beautiful natural piece for your home for years to come. Providing metaphysical healing properties the crystals facilitated going one step further towards creating a little more than just a candle.Littlemore Candle Co candles 2

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