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Cranston Pickles Ltd is a small scale homemade Pickle Factory set up by Fiona (otherwise known as Pickle Queen), based in Oxford. Her love of pickles came from her Grandparents Rowland and Sylvia, where every Christmas (and Christmas alone even due to popular demand), a jar of pickled eggs would grace the table. Since then, her love for Japan and subsequent trips have reinforced/added to her love for pickles and it has eventually grown into Cranston Pickles.


There will be no single use plastic involved whatsoever. All my ingredients will be fresh and locally sourced bringing back relationships with the earth and people around us. Packaging that is necessary will be recyclable/reusable. The jars will have a full cycle pickle life where they can be refilled or reused.

There will be seasonal specials alongside staple favourites, again bringing back traditions of having what is available, in season and above all, L O C A L.