Team Tea is passionate about selecting only the finest loose leaf teas, ethically sourced and never compromising on taste or quality. From highly esteemed Single Estate teas to classic blends, we are on a mission to help you discover the world of tea

Our sustainable packaging has been designed to protect your teas on the move and be kind to the planet.

Join us on our journey to discover new favourites and banish disappointing brews.

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Trained at the UK Tea Academy, I (Valerie) am passionate about tea, and it is my mission to banish disappointing brews! From sourcing only fine loose leaf teas that have been chosen for their taste and quality, to writing brewing notes for each tea, and providing the story behind the teas I want to help you get the most out of each cup.

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We are a young company, and a small team, but we believe in doing things ‘right’. Team Tea is more than a name to us; being a team is at our core. We believe our team includes everyone we impact and we have a responsibility to all our team members. Starting with the workers picking our tea, hence our teas are sourced through schemes such as the Ethical Tea Partnership. To reducing our negative impact on the environment, thus we have chosen only packaging that is fully and widely recyclable, we offer only loose-leaf tea, cutting out the unnecessary waste from tea bags, and we are working hard to eliminate single use plastics from our processes. And by no means last, we believe we have a responsibility to our customers to deliver on quality and taste at a fair price.

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Team Tea launched with a small collection of fine loose-leaf teas ranging from highly regarded single estate teas to classic blends. As we add to our selection, we will look to bring our customers tea from more regions and different tea types, all in the hope of helping you to discover new favourites.

In addition to offering our teas singularly, the Tea Club was devised as a way of discovering the range of teas we offer without the commitment of buying a large quantity of a tea you may not be familiar with.

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