Moorish Bar are passionate about producing authentic & mouth-watering Middle Eastern dishes influenced by Persian Cuisine, The Levant and The Mediterranean.

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All their dishes are made using the very best authentic ingredients. They DO NOT use anything tinned, frozen or processed. Their recipes are original and faithful.  They are carefully sourced and prepared

Examples of their produce include:

  • Falafel Wrap (v) - flat bread w.hummus, Tahini Sauce, Herb leaves, Pickled Chilli
  • Sujuk Wrap - Spicy Turkish sausages in flat bread w.hummus, Tahini sauce,
  • Herb leaves, Pickled chilli
  • Persian Aash-e-reshteh (v) - a delicious & hearty noodle soup made with a variety of beans and herbs. Topped with yoghurt & served with lavash bread
  • Moorish Braised Lamb - w. jewelled rice & barberries, Dried Persian Lime & Harissa.
  • Moorish Chicken Tagine - w. Anjou prunes, couscous, Harissa
  • Shoor  (v) - Iranian Pickled Vegetables
  • Moorish Hummus (v) - w. our own toasted spice mix
  • Ful Mudammas (v) - w. fava beans, garlic and cumin
  • Baklava - w. nuts, honey syrup and orange flower water
  • Turkish Coffee

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