Wild 4 Seeds sell wild bird seed made from local seed from Oxfordshire and the Cotswold's and some seed from Suffolk and Lincolnshire. They mix their own seed and sell it in 1Kg bags

They sell hand made Fat Balls made from Cereals, Fat and Seed.

In addition, they upcycle Pallets into Bug Houses to target individual and cross species insects.

Wild 4 Seeds detailed logoTheir seed is not just for the general wild bird population, but also target species such as Finch, Robin, and Songbird and is mixed accordingly. For example, in the Robin mix they add in berry suet pellets which is essential to winter feeding for Robins and Song birds. The peanuts and Meal Worms they use in some mixes are all Fair Trade.Wild 4 Seeds Collage

They keep their prices as low as they can to promote the feeding of wild birds through winter, and re-invest any income into more stock, as well as into bee hives (Heyford Park Bees) growing colonies of Bees and they are hoping to produce infused honey from their 17 Honey bee hives.