Authentic Mexican food, inspired by the heart of Mexico City, produced in the heart of Oxford. Gone are the days of soggy nachos and basic burritos, get ready for real tacos, salsa dipped chorizo and potato stuffed bread rolls, fresh hibiscus flower and rice water, as well as much more.

Kalaca is a collaboration between two local residents, one from a food family based in Oxfordshire and the other from Mexico.

They have a range of delicacies inspired by the streets of Mexico City, where they spent several years together before moving to Oxfordshire.

They have strong standards of sustainability so you won’t find any avocado or any other products that contribute to deforestation in their dishes.

Their food is produced using ingredients from local community producers who have lived for many years within the Oxfordshire community and include market regulars. When ingredients are not available locally, or have to come from further afield, they use highly reputable suppliers: The Cool Chile Company or MexGrocer.Kalaca Collage

Examples of their dishes include:

tacos de guisado - ‘a dish taco’ consisting of handmade tortillas, made using masa harina (a corn based flour cut with chalk) and water, a bed of red rice cooked with onion, garlic and tomatoes, and a variety of different choices of filling, topped of with one of their trademark salsas. Fillings include papa y chorizo (a mixture of mashed potato and chorizo), chicharon en salsa verde (pork skin in a tomatillo and cilantro sauce), alambre de verduras (a mixture of seasonal vegetables with chipotle chilli and salty cheese).

pambazo - a potato and chorizo stuffed bread roll, bathed and fried in a guajillo chilli salsa, topped off with lettuce, cheese and soured cream.

aguas frescas - fresh flavoured waters, made with hibiscus flowers and rice etc.

A selection of pre-made products for home use, such as handmade tortillas, Mexican hot-chocolate mix, refried beans etc.

Their café food will include

Mexican breakfasts:

Chilaquiles – fried tortilla pieces in either a salsa verde (tomatillo and coriander) or salsa roja (chipotle chilli and tomato), served with refried beans and either an egg or shredded chicken

Molletes – Mexican spiced cheese and chorizo on toast – a toasted bread roll with a mixture of refried beans and chorizo, topped with a layer of melted cheese and followed by a pico de gallo (a fresh tomato, onion and green chilli salsa)

Huevos divorciados ie divorced eggs – two eggs each bathed in a separate secret salsa and separated by a layer of Mexican stewed beans, tomatoes, onions, coriander and sour cream, served with handmade tortillas

Plus tea, coffee and:

Café de olla – Mexican coffee made with palm sugar, cinnamon and cardamom

Chocolate – hot chocolate made with a hint of chilli

Café cakes will be made by Sophie Grigson

Facebook: kalacastreetfood