Vegemental sell natural, colourful salads and grains inspired by what’s in season, using local and organic ingredients as much as possible for maximum taste and freshness. All salads are vegetarian and usually vegan.

So far, they have used up to 26 different fruits and vegetables in their salads with 20 of them as seasonal British produce (citrus fruits and ginger being the main foreign culprits). They use local suppliers or growers (Cultivate, Market Garden Eynsham) where possible and supermarkets as the fallback.

Origin of grains, spices, seeds etc. varies but they try to use British wherever possible, e.g. British quinoa or spelt.

They use a mixture of organic and non-organic products depending on the price. Their oils are cold-pressed, usually English rapeseed.

Vegemental 1

They always display ingredients lists in front of the salads indicating when products are British and when they are organic.

Examples of some of their salads includes:

  • Watercress and herb salad with almonds, orange and rhubarb
  • Cauliflower ‘tabbouleh’
  • Pea shoots and griddled asparagus with quinoa
  • Spiced carrot and spinach salad
  • Roast broccoli with buckwheat and tahini
  • ‘Falafel’ made with quinoa and herbs
  • Kale with rosemary and garlic, butterbeans
  • Chickpeas and English Carlin peas with homemade harissa

Due to the emphasis on seasonality, the salads change throughout the year. Aside from the occasional stock cube, they are all prepared from scratch.