Fresh trout; fillets, smoked, pate, quiches, trout bakes, ....

Bibury Collage

Bibury Trout Farm, in the Cotswold village of Bibury, is one of the oldest in the country - founded in 1902 by the famous naturalist Arthur Severn to stock the local rivers and streams with the native Brown Trout. Each year up to 10 million Rainbow Trout are spawned, up to one third being sold to outlets throughout Britain and occasionally abroad. The remainder are grown on and sold principally to restock rivers, lakes and reservoirs throughout the country. 


Primarily a working farm, breeding and rearing high quality Rainbow and Brown Trout for restocking angling waters, it has welcomed visitors since 1965, who can see the water come alive as the fish are fed and learn about the life of a Trout. Numerous ducks, swans, Kingfishers, geese and other wildlife including the rare water vole can be seen and fed in the beautiful surroundings. The not so welcome Heron and Otter are also regular visitors.

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