Local, organic, pasture-fed beef, rosé veal and lamb, plus organic yoghurt, ice cream, and milk & cream (when available) - all in returnable glass bottles & jars.

North Aston is a super small, personal, dairy farm with the onus on producing high quality (low input) milk from healthy, happy and long-lived cows as well as pasture-fed beef, rosé veal and lamb, plus organic yoghurt, ice cream, and cream.

North Aston Stall with border

They have one of the smallest economically viable dairy herds in the country. From the milk they produce organic, pasteurised whole and part-skimmed milk, natural thick-set yoghurt and super thick cream (all sold in re-used glass containers). They always have fresh or frozen meat in stock. From the calves that aren't destined for a life of milking they produce Rose Veal from a diet of just milk and grass/hay. They also bring the beef from retired milking cows. This is normally from animals about 10 years older than beef available anywhere else and this maturation adds a richness of flavour.

Ice cream is the most recent addition to the product range. Since the business started there has always been an issue of how to sell all the milk fresh with production and demand fluctuating through the season. For a few years they have been experimenting with ice cream flavours and aim to produce ice cream most weeks through the spring and summer.

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