"Aptly named – it does what it says on the tin!" Ms F, Monmouthshire, rose farmer.

This solid salve is an effective and practical remedy for anyone suffering from dry, chapped skin. Made with pure oat oil (a new development in the age old therapeutic use of oats) and beeswax, the salve was developed by Sarah Lock after a long, cold English winter working out of doors as a gardener.

Oat oil is stuffed to the brim with skin identical lipids, which means it "sinks in" brilliantly and doesn't feel greasy, it is very gentle and doesn't sting, and it has loads of Vitamin E and antioxidants to nourish all skin types.

Beeswax is mildly antibacterial, provides a barrier against the elements and wear and tear of everyday activity, and prevents moisture loss.

This is very much a "back to the drawing board" sort of skincare – just two excellent ingredients with nothing else added – packaged in a pocket friendly tin. It is economical as every bit of it can be used up, and it lasts for a good long time, as so little is needed to be effective.

Sarah also provides the oat oil on its own – and calls it "Saving Face".

She sells at local Oxfordshire markets and online:

Salvation 2

Facebook: Salvation for Hands
Instagram: Lock4680