Owner of Café Asia, Farzana Chowdhury, came from Holland leaving behind her family food business. Thrilled to share her Asian background as well as her own personal cultural experiences here in England, she decided to incorporate her traditional delicacies with the community here at East Oxford together with her daughters who have qualifications in cooking. One of Farzana’s dear friends, Theresa, kindly introduced Farzana to the market coordinator. Whilst Farzana's home country is Bangladesh she did not want to set a limit to the food she could serve. She therefore decided to experiment using food from the whole Asian continent.

Cafe Asia sample meal

She makes traditional Asian sweets such as Borfi, Ladu etc. Farzana’s passion for food is very strong, and she loves to throw in her Dutch background by making Dutch cakes and different forms of sweet and savoury food and drinks. Sharing and creating new dishes as well as mixing food from the continent, she also started her own catering business. Growing up in a household with three generations, she watched her mother and grandma cook food using only fresh ingredients from their own garden every day. Aspiring to become like them one day and inherit their cooking skills, Farzana started cooking from a very young age. Only using fresh vegetables and ingredients as well as preparing her own spices. Rules and family traditions which she still lives by today.