An enthusiastic gardener, Lizie has been supplying

friends and villagers with her flowers for many years. In autumn 2015 came the decision to create a dedicated cutting garden at her home Toot Baldon.

Country bunches new Collage Mar23 1
Flowers are sown, often from saved seed, in home produced compost and raised without insecticides.

The overriding theme is wild and abundant.

Lizie combines flowers, hedgerow foliage, seedpods and grasses creating bunches, from a handful to an armful which are a celebration of each season as it unfolds.

Later in the season she makes natural garlands and wreaths from woven willow, birch and hazel, decorated with seedpods, dried flowers, berries and winter foliage.

In early spring she brings flower and vegetable seedlings to market along with cheerful potted bulbs.Country bunches new Collage Mar23 2

Country Bunches are available for a small number of weddings and events each year and hold seasonal workshops.