The Clays Organic Farm - seasonal, fresh, local organic fruit and veg
Norton & Yarrow Cheese - award winning goats cheese
Coopers Oxford Pork - selection of local free-range pork, sausages and bacon
Tiddly Pommes - superb pressed apple juice from local fruit
Willowbrook Organic Farm - organic chicken & lamb, eggs, free range beef and local honey
Jaunty Shopper - ethical home ware, fair trade teas and coffees
Jericho Coffee Traders - premium coffee roasted in Jericho and served from a vivid turquoise tuk-tuk
SESI Food & Detergent Filling Station - refilling empty containers for fairtrade, organic dried foods; household detergents and hair-care products
North Aston Dairy - organic local milk, cream, yoghurt, and welfare-friendly rose veal. Ice cream during summer.
Natural Bread Company - handcrafted speciality breads
Mediterranean - lovely falafel, houmous, snacks and sweet treats
Raffaele Pepe - delicious Italian food
Salad Daze - healthy salads to take away
Taste of Poland - traditional homemade preserves and snacks 
Brynmoor Conserves - award-winning jams, conserves and chutneys
Jason's Book Box (in the café) - second hand books
Low Carbon Hub - developing community-owned renewable energy in Oxfordshire with the help of local people and organisatioons
Café: Ingrid's Bistro 
Chorizo egg Rancheros
Market B.L.T bap
Stuffed Mushroom with Halloumi
Asparagus Frittata
Gluten free lemon drizzle
Chocolate and orange cake
Rhubarb compote with yogurt and homemade shortbread
Market News
I'm delighted to let you know about a new stall at this week's market: Norton and Yarrow Cheese. Rachel and Fraser have a small herd of purebred Anglo Nubian goats (the 'Jersey Cow' of the goat world!) over on the Earth Trust land near Wittenham Clumps. They are our 'Featured Stall' this week - read below about how they became goatherds and what sort of cheese they have in store for us. They will be attending the market on Saturday for the first time, offering free tastings of their cheeses, and will then attend on the very occasional Saturdays when the wonderful Crudges Cheese are unable to join us.
We are also very lucky to have Low Carbon Hub with us this week. For years they have been developing community-owned renewable energy in Oxfordshire with the help of local people and organisations. Go and chat to them to find out more.
We have a new regular addition to the market in the shape of Jason's Book Box. Here is a message from market regular, Jason, the man behind the books:
I haven't had the time or energy to run more than a few book stalls since my daughter was born over two years ago, but I still have a very large amount of stock - hundreds of books. The subjects are very much like those that I bring to the market: fiction, literature, children's and also non-fiction books on subjects such as history, travel and biography. I would like to sell off the larger part of this stock and have all of it for sale at £2 each or three books for £5.
There will be a box of my books for sale in the cafe at the market, but this is only a small sample. I have put some photos of further available titles at https://www.gumtree.com/p/books/100s-of-books-for-sale-many-subjects-good-condition/1172369297 , and there are many, many more. If you'd like to request a specific book from there, ask if I have something, or come round and browse (I live very near the market) then please contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.