Sandy Lane Farm - seasonal, fresh, local, organic fruit and veg, lamb and pork

Willowbrook Organic Farm organic chicken & lamb, organic eggs, free range beef, local honey and more 

Crudges Cheese - award-winning local organic cheeses made using goat, sheep and cows' milk

Hilary Squire - freshly picked lovely local flowers and bouquets

Pukeko Coffee - premium coffee roasted in Jericho and served from a vivid turquoise tuk-tuk van   

Natural Bread Company - handcrafted speciality breads

SESI Food Refilling Station - fairtrade, organic and local dried foods, e.g. fruit, sugar, oats, pulses and rice

SESI Household Refilling Station - refill empty bottles of hair-care products and household detergents

Mediterranean - freshly made snacks and take away foods

I'm Japanese - homemade sushi and Japanese homemade meals

Ellie's Kitchen - Greek savoury and sweet pies: authentically traditional, home made and delicious

Simply Foods 2 Go – Filipino Fusion food

Rich Pickings - ultimate pâtés and terrines made from the best local ingredients

Plantation Chocolates - hand crafted chocolates

Jason's Books - a great range of really well priced second hand books

Hayley's Kitchen Café

Great selection of hot food, drinks and cakes.

Books, coffee and flowers 

Pukeko Coffee are finally back with us after being away in New Zealand for the past month. We are also very lucky to have Jason's Books and Hilary Squire's beautiful flowers at the market this week. Hilary will have dried flowers and small plants from her garden plus some Cornish narcissi this week.
Plantation Chocolates are back with their Salted Caramels and Fresh Cream Ganache Chocolates and new 83% and 100% bars. Once again no North Aston Dairy this week due to the herd's current low production.
If you have any feedback about the current trial market layout (with the veg stall outside, SESI in the hall and having extra café seating in the hall) please drop me an email. Equally, any views on moving the outdoor part of the market into the large front playground would also be appreciated. The market's committee is meeting next Monday to discuss all this and would love to hear your thoughts.  
Enjoy the market!