Wildlife gardening books and wildlife radio show CDs.

Stuart ‘The Wildman’ Mabbutt from Wildman Environmental Learning has been a professional Wildlife Gardener and wildlife sound recordist for almost 29 years.

Since being diagnosed with aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2014 he had to diversify into working to connect people with the environment around them using various methods.

He now leads nature sensory workshops using the 5 main senses, lectures and tutors people about wildlife gardening, makes an independent wildlife radio show ‘Going Wild With Wildlife’ and launching a new TV show ‘The Peoples Countryside’. Plus so much more.

He also writes wildlife gardening books which have a philosophical slant.

Pick up highlights CDs of the radio show too or just come and chat with The Wildman and pick his brains about the nature around us.

Wildman Collage

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wildmanenvironmentallearning/

Twitter https://twitter.com/stuartmabbutt 

Website www.wildmaninspires.co.uk