Mrs B's Antique & Odds-N-Ends is a Small Business Enterprise locally owned and operated. It is a “sole trader” business independently owned by Mrs Lucille Marjorie Johnson a black, female entrepreneur residing in Littlemore Oxford. Mrs Johnson often referred to as Mrs B per her business name is a senior citizen and mainstay of the community. The Mrs B title stems from her husband’s name Benjamin. Mrs B started trading in May 2004. She trades mainly at local venues such as Gloucester Green Market (every Thursdays), Wesley Memorial Church (first Friday of each month), Farmers Market on Cowley Road (third Saturday of each month) and Wolvercote Farmers Market (first and third Sunday of each month). She frequently extends her business enterprise to nearby locations as and when invited.

Mrs B’s Antiques & Odds-N-Ends began as a hobby with trading activity only twice a month. When Mrs B (Lucille) retired from the NHS the hobby transformed into a viable and full time business. It is her livelihood. As noted the trading is mainly local venues, but with some expansion to neighbouring communities.

Mrs Bs Antiques and Odds-N-Ends - stall

Mrs B’s Antiques & Odds-N-Ends offers a unique and complimentary mixture 1920s - 70s old/vintage collectable tea sets, brooches, necklaces and interesting clothing items. Mrs B also offers children’s knitted wear and wicker baskets.

Mrs B replenishes her stocks mainly from local merchants and auctions – often those within the same communities that she trades. Local pensioners regularly provide the children knitted wears. For some it is a peaceful loving passion that also brings a bit of a financial reward.

Mrs Bs Antiques and Odds-N-Ends - stall details

Mrs B is a shrewd, but exceptionally compassionate tradesman. She knows her business and runs it well. But anyone that knows Mrs B will tell you she is much more than a business woman. She contributes much time and effort in and out of the area toward the health, safety, welfare of all people. She is a qualified counsellor who does “volunteer” work – she does not charge for her service in this area. In February 2014 she established the Hands-On-Social Group for the over 60s. This distinguished group meet at Littlemore Community Centre every Monday. Within it she runs a food bank. Just a week ago she organized a drive for Christian Aid 2016 on behalf of her church and helped raise over £150 to fight deprivation, poverty and persecution of people all over the world. Mrs B also volunteers to read and interact with children at Overstone Combined School in Wing a village outside Oxford. Having raised three children and now with three grandchildren she is a positive role model.