Jaunty Shopper offers an ever increasing range of fair trade teas and coffees from across South America and Africa.

Januty Shopper stall - fairtrade teas

Having worked in market research for many year, Annika has always struggled to understand why simple values such as treating people with respect was never part of a normal business model.

She set out to create a small business to prove it is possible for people to have a profitable business model where there is no compromise on respect to the people who made the product sold. It is a simple change of model which makes a great deal of difference to the producers.

Annika feels very lucky to have found a few businesses who are applying these simple value to the heart of their business. The JauntyShopper still has a long way to go but this is where the fun lies, in the journey.

Jaunty Shopper also sells a range of fair trade and ethically sourced homeware and gift items, usually in the run up to Christmas. Annika usually has stock all year round though, so please ask her about her range of handmade sustainably sourced acacia wood gift items – from egg cups and candle holders to chopping boards, salad bowls and bookends.