Coopers Oxford Pork started in 2008 with just 5 pigs; they now have a free range herd of 180 in woodlands owned by the Earth Trust.

They breed Oxford Sandy and Black - a pig which originated in Oxfordshire some 300 years ago and which very nearly became extinct 40 years ago. Today, to help ensure the breed's future it is on the Rare Breed Survival Trusts watch list.

pigs at Coopers farm

All the pigs are kept outside, the sows only coming inside to give birth when the piglets are about 2 weeks old. Depending on the weather conditions they are all moved outside for a further 6 weeks when they are weaned, by this time they are stealing the sows feed.

In recent years there has been renewed public interest in pig keeping but the pigs are reared mainly for their ability to produce high quality pork and bacon.

pigs at Coopers farm

As well as selling the meat Coopers also provide hog roasts, regularly attending the Thame Food Festival or for private events such as weddings.

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