The Weavers have been farming in the Cotswolds for the past three generations, and in the South West of England since before 1570.

Simon Weaver cheese

Their herdsman Richard has spent his entire life working with cattle, with over 42 years experience in the field. He is on first name terms with each of the 180 cows on the farm, and can often be found chewing over the latest gossip with Daisy, Petal and Rosie, the friendliest girls in the yard.

Despite having to get up at 4.30am every day of the year, Richard loves rising half an hour earlier in the summer months to make the most of the beautiful morning light and lead the girls on a leisurely stroll from the fields to the milking shed – a gentle introduction to their working day.

They proudly follow a traditional method of organic farming, and place great store in caring for the land and animal welfare. Their closed organic herd enjoy a forage-based diet, and their milk production is not forced. Every morning the milk travels just five metres from the milking shed to the Creamery, where their expert cheesemakers turn it into a delicious range of artisan products. No preservatives or artificial additives are added to their cheese, nor is the milk standardised. This means that the cheeses vary in taste and texture, depending upon which meadow the cows graze and the time of year.

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