An enthusiastic gardener, Lizie has been supplying friends and villagers with her flowers for several years. In Autumn 2015 came the decision to create a dedicated cutting garden at her home in Toot Baldon.

Country Bunches - flowers display

With a passion for colour, texture and variety, Lizie sows, tends, cuts and conditions her flowers, creating vibrant small and medium sized posies. Alongside these she creates a few special occasion vases on a grander scale (supply permitting).

Country Bunches - single flower

Simple, yet unusual, she combines hedgerow foliage, seed pods, and flowers in varied colour schemes. It's a challenge not to find something you like! As the growing season progresses look out for cornflowers, bells of Ireland, cosmos, dahlia, zinnias, sunflowers, rudbeckia and much, much more.

Country Bunches - gardening