Mrs B's Antique & Odds-N-Ends is locally owned and run business by Mrs Lucille Marjorie Johnson since May 2004. Mrs Johnson, often referred to as Mrs B, is a senior citizen and mainstay of the community. The Mrs B title stems from her husband’s name Benjamin. She trades mainly at local markets.

Mrs B’s Antiques & Odds-N-Ends began as a hobby with trading activity only twice a month. When Mrs B (Lucille) retired from the NHS the hobby transformed into a viable and full time business. It is her livelihood. As noted the trading is mainly local venues, but with some expansion to neighbouring communities.

Mrs Bs Antiques and Odds-N-Ends - stall

Mrs B’s Antiques & Odds-N-Ends offers a unique and complimentary mixture 1920s - 70s old/vintage collectable tea sets, brooches, necklaces and interesting clothing items. Mrs B also offers children’s knitted wear and wicker baskets.

Mrs B replenishes her stocks mainly from local merchants and auctions – often those within the same communities that she trades. Local pensioners regularly provide the children knitted wears. For some it is a peaceful loving passion that also brings a bit of a financial reward.

Mrs Bs Collage

Mrs B is a shrewd, but exceptionally compassionate tradesman. She knows her business and runs it well. But anyone that knows Mrs B will tell you she is much more than a business woman. She contributes much time and effort in and out of the area toward the health, safety, welfare of all people. She is a qualified counsellor who does “volunteer” work – she does not charge for her service in this area. In February 2014 she established the Hands-On-Social Group for the over 60s. This distinguished group meet at Littlemore Community Centre every Monday. Within it she runs a food bank. Just a week ago she organized a drive for Christian Aid 2016 on behalf of her church and helped raise over £150 to fight deprivation, poverty and persecution of people all over the world. Mrs B also volunteers to read and interact with children at Overstone Combined School in Wing a village outside Oxford. Having raised three children and now with three grandchildren she is a positive role model.